Following Monday’s packed schedule of interesting talks, TechFest 2019 will continue with another excellent range of sessions on Tuesday. Personally, I’ll begin at 9AM with ‘Overcoming Blank Canvas Syndrome with OAC’ (Joel Acha, Elffar Analytics) before facing my first clash at 10AM. I’m torn between ‘How we Developed Holly the Chatbot at Hermes Parcelnet to Deal with our Customers’ (David Callaghan, Hermes Parcelnet) and ‘Developing Custom Applications with Oracle Anallytics’ (Mike Durran, Oracle). From a two-way clash at 10 I then face a three-way clash at 11. I’ve included the three talks I’m torn between below, so let me know if anyone would like to partner up and swap notes after:

-‘Implementing Oracle Content and Experience in a Multinational Manufacturer’ (Ruben Rodrigues, Avanttic)

-‘Become an Equilibrista: Find the Right Balance in the Analytics Tech Ecoystem’ (Franceso Tisiot, Rittman Mead) 

-‘Oracle Data Integration Cloud: Today and Tomorrow’ (Jerome Francoisse, Oracle) 

I have another three-way clash at 12, although this one is edged for me by ‘The Oracle Analytics Strategy & Roadmap’ (Mike Durran, Oracle – Sponsored by Vertice), although I would also be interested to hear from people who attend ‘An Overview of Oracle JET: An Innovating Enterprise Javascript Toolkit’ (James Neate, Capgemini) and ‘The Seven Ways of Building Oracle Applications’ (Sten Vesterli, More Than Code).

After the keynote (and lunch!), at 13:45 I’ll be attending ‘Cloud Transformation – The Analytics Journey: Trinity College Dublin’ (Christine McMahon, Vertice) followed at 14:45 by Oracle Machine Learning Overview: New Features and Roadmap’ (Charles Berger, Oracle). At 15:45 I’m looking forward to ‘Digital API Strategy in Insurance’ (Mark Simpson, Griffiths Waite), and would also be interested to swap notes with anyone attending ‘Is it Corked? Wine Machine Learning Predictions with OAC’ (Francesco Tisiot, Rittman Mead).

My last talk of the day will be ‘Fraud Detection in Financial Services Using Graph Analysis and Machine Learning’ (Hans Viehmann, Oracle) before enjoying guest speaker Marc Hogan telling us what business taught him about stand-up comedy and what stand-up comedy taught him about business. 

It promises to be an insightful and enjoyable evening, and one which I’m sure will carry over to the social organised by UKOUG afterwards. I hope to see lots of you there and if we’ve not met before look for a chap in a grey Fedora hat – I’ll (most likely) be the only person sporting one!