Despite being the last day, the quality of the speeches on the agenda certainly hasn’t diminished.

On Day 3, I will start by getting to know more about Cloud platforms. Patrick Keller’s speech „Die Auswahl der richtigen Cloud-Plattform: Anforderungen, Fallstricke und Lösungsanbieter“ will focus around current questions about the Cloud. He will speak about the expectations the market has of Cloud platforms, different architecture models, and how to set up, run and develop a Cloud platform. After a short break, I will return to listen to “Speed Pitch Lösungsanbieter für Cloud Data & Analytics” where Cloud providers will present their Cloud platforms, followed by a Q&A hosted by BARC and the Cloud providers.

Of course, I will also attend the keynote for this day by David Kriesel who will speak about “SpiegelMining – What DataScience is”. He will demonstrate this with a very huge dataset, which he will tear apart for the audience, to present an insight in the workings of Data Science. I am excited about this because I have never seen the work of a Data Scientist visualized in a live project.  

In the afternoon, I will be attending another speech by Patrick Keller who will present to us “Data & Analytics Trends 2019 aus Analysten-Sicht: Entwicklungen, die Sie nicht verpassen dürfen”. I initially planned to go to the same one on Monday by Jaqueline Bloemen but unfortunately it coincides with another talk that day, so I am very happy they are doing it twice! The Analytics market is changing at lightning speed, new technologies arise/old technologies are useless, Data Scientist is currently the hottest job, what else? It’s great to hear more about what BARC thinks about future Analytic trends and what impact it has on future strategic decisions.

Sadly, this will be the last talk I attend, but, I will be around at the conference and I am keen to meet as many of you as possible. 

I'm sure I’ll be meeting a lot of interesting people over the 3 days and I can’t wait to share my review of the TDWI 2019!