Day 1 at the TDWI is going to be amazing, I’m sure, but I can’t wait for Day 2! Star attractions will include the keynote speech, Data Warehouse in the cloud and Spark streaming, and I am very excited to attend them all.

I will start my day by attending Mike Ferguson’s speech about “Building A Modern Data Warehouse In A Cloud Computing Environment” and I’ve selected this speech for several reasons. Clearly, the cloud is becoming more and more popular in Germany and some of my clients are already working on Hybrid Projects, either implementing a Data Lake in the Cloud or migrating a DWH into the cloud. So, I am looking forward to learning more about the benefits and how to connect all of these technologies with on-premise systems.

Soon after, I will attend the “Adastra: Easy and Scalable Stream Processing with Spark Structured Streaming and Kafka” speech by Hitesh Sahni. A lot of companies struggle to put in use all the data they have access to, and the number of sources that data can be extracted from, increased heavily over the years. The big question now is, how do you process and analyse the data, so that it can be used to deliver a use case? This last point is the key reason I am looking forward to learning more about how Spark and Kafka work together, and to learn more from real life case studies.

The keynote speech! I am very excited about the Keynote “How to generate P&L impact with Data Science” by Carsten Bange and Holger Kömm, especially because Adidas is widely known for being one of the few companies who generate great benefits from Data Science. All too often, companies don’t see the impact of a Data Science project or invest a lot of money into developing prototypes, without them making it into production.

After the keynote, I am looking forward to learning more about how combining Big Data sources, in-memory Databases, and cloud platforms can generate benefits for the business. Alexander Jochum, will present “Nutzen und Anwendungsfälle von Big-Data-Anbindung im Online-Handel mit In-Memory-DB in der Cloud“ on the basis of a real world project and one reason why I am particularly excited about this speech is because it combines some of the hottest topics and technologies on the market.

Another busy day with a lot of great speeches on some very interesting topics. Rightfully so, because we’re celebrating 15 years of Data & Insights! I am very proud to announce, that Lawrence Harvey is one of the sponsors for the after party in the evening, which will start at 6:30pm. This time the drinks are not on me... because they are free! Come by the Lawrence Harvey Cocktail Bar and let’s discuss some of the talks from Day 2 over an Espresso Martini... after all, we'll need the caffiene for Day 3!