Now, we are only a few days away from the TDWI conference in Munich and I couldn’t be more excited! I am particularly excited, as this is the first AI and Analytics conference I have attended. Given the number of meetings I have booked in during the conference (I still have some time for a beer though, so feel free to reach out), I have to be very selective about the talks I’ll attend, and thought others might find this guide useful.

I will start the day by attending the Smart City und Smart Manufacturing: wie sich Videodaten gewinnbringend auswerten lassen speech by Stefan Müller. As I am currently living in London, something that has caught my eye is the amount of CCTV we have here. For this reason, I am quite excited to see how we can leverage all this data, which previously was pretty much useless, to make traffic smoother (yes, London traffic is as crazy as they say) or make our streets safer. Seeing how Analytics can be used to make our day to day safer and easier is something that has interested me ever since I started working in the AI and Analytics market. Unfortunately, at the same time Andre Henkel will present “Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse - Aufräumen im Durcheinander von Anforderung, Konzept, Architektur und Produkten”, a topic that I personally find very interesting.  If you have the same issue, let’s meet up after and discuss both talks over a coffee.

After that, I will make my way to listen to Christian Bruun Jensen and Ole Jönsson, who will present “Case Study Dataiku: Bridging the gap between data engineering and data science” - this will be an excellent insight into what I understand to be an omnipresent issue for my clients. Having a Data Scientist in your company, who can use ML algorithms to predict customer behaviour or to increase production, is definitely a great thing, but what happens if they don’t have the right data? The cooperation between a Data Engineer and a Data Scientist is essential to gain insights that are beneficial for the business when making strategic decisions.

In the afternoon, Heiko Gronwald and Sascha Stumm, from NTT Data, will present a Hi-Speed DWH Implementation driven by DWH Automatisierung. Although I am not a technical consultant, I am very excited to see how to implement a DWH from scratch and how to automate it.

Shortly after, I will make my way to listen to Jens Graupmann and Christian Langmayr who will be speaking about “Exasol: Smart options for your move to cloud analytics - a comparison of different strategies”. Exasol is a technology that came to my attention through one of my clients who sees it as the biggest threat to HANA. Seeing the rising interest from the market (the price point probably helps), I’m really looking forward to this.

This is how day one looks and as a first timer, I would love to hear your thoughts about my intended agenda and whether I am missing any valuable talks.

After such a busy day, I’m definitely going to need that beer, so get in touch if you will also be there so we can meet up and discuss Day one of the conference (beer is on me).