Wasn’t it Christmas yesterday? How are we already in May? 

Anyway, May means the UK Salesforce World Tour (SFWT) rolls into town and takes over the Excel in London and as somewhat of a World Tour veteran, I thought I’d share some pointers for fellow attendees to ensure you maximise your time there…

Plan your day

Whilst important to keep some free time, it’s equally important that you do have a general agenda for the day and think in advance about the things you’d like to learn or the people you’d like to meet. I’d advise downloading the Salesforce Events App to start bookmarking sessions you’d like to attend and then you can plan meetings and general exploration time around these.

Don’t stack out your diary

I’ll 100% have meetings pre-booked and sessions starred that I want to attend, however, I’ll also be keeping some time free for roaming and exploring. During previous years, some of the best conversations I’ve had, and relationships I’ve built, have been conducted on a whim – a full diary won’t allow you to do this.

What to bring

Not too much is my advice! A small notepad (or digital alternative) to scribble some thoughts from sessions (it’s amazing how much you’ll forget by the next day), a water bottle and a portable phone charger will be my key items this year. There will no doubt be lots of freebies on offer so you’ll soon have a bag full of goodies anyway – you don’t want to be carrying anything more than the essentials throughout the day/night!

Get there early

It’s beneficial to get to the Excel fairly early to beat the mad rush, security queues and traditional commuting times. However, this tip is more with reference to any sessions you plan to attend. All sessions are likely to be popular and last year speakers were very difficult to hear unless you were close to the front – securing a good seat 10-15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time will be key to ensuring you hear all the great content that’s shared.

Comfort over style

For many, the SFWT is one of the highlights of the year, but it’s also an exhausting day – 24 sleepless hours for some of the party animals (no names mentioned). Whilst there’s not masses of distance to cover over the day, you’ll likely be on your feet for a lot of it so comfortable footwear is a necessity. Also, think practically (both in terms of attire and footwear) if you intend to be toe tapping at one of the various after parties!

Don’t be scared!

Everyone at the SFWT is there to work, network and learn. Initially, you may feel a little uncomfortable approaching somebody you don’t know but once you get over that barrier, you’ll soon realise it was worthwhile. Not one person will be rude to you and you may form your best relationship from a random conversation.

Book working from home/annual leave for the Friday

As previously mentioned, SFWT is a pretty exhausting day and for those intending to fall out of Café De Paris (or somewhere similar) at circa 3am, I’d recommend getting WFH or annual leave locked in for the Friday! Let’s be honest, you’re not going to be much use the next day and ROI can wait until after the bank holiday…

If you’ve managed to secure a ticket to this years World Tour, I’d love to see you there. Drop me a message via Linkedin or Email and we can arrange to meet!