Do you ever feel as if you’re not yet up to speed on OAC, ADW, or whatever other acronym Oracle have (re)released this week?

I’ve never shied away from the fact that I’m not a ‘techie’. Indeed, my skills lie in sourcing Solution Architects rather than Architecting Solutions or writing any source code, but nonetheless I often find it interesting to observe the different levels of technical understanding across the IT ecosystem, particularly when it comes to choosing new products and tools within an organisation.

Some decision makers in this regard are former (or current) programmers, others have a more functional background and others still began their lives as users and have never been ‘hands-on’ with the products they use from an IT perspective. I’ve always been impressed by those who can successfully interface between these different audiences, explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences and business needs to those whose background is non-commercial.

Most impressive of all to me is someone who can speak to all audience members simultaneously in the same talk and provide valuable insight to all. Those of you who read my review of UKOUG ’18 in December will remember the glowing report I gave to the team at Vertice Cloud for their insight into the first OAC implementations, and the value I and others took from their comprehensive overview of how to implement and migrate to this product.

I’m delighted to share that Lawrence Harvey and Vertice Cloud will be co-hosting a webinar next Thursday, March 14th, providing an ‘Introduction to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) with the Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)’, drawing on these implementations and providing an ‘everything you need to know’ guide for those considering a move to OAC or similar products. As well as case studies, the concise webinar will also provide an overview of OAC and ADW and help you decide if the product is right for you at this time, as well as an open Q&A to help answer any questions you may have.

With space limited it’s best to sign up ASAP (link below) and learn from a truly expert team who completed the first OAC projects globally. Whether you’ve decided to move to OAC or are still assessing options there’ll be something of value for all.

… Even if you’re not a techie.