Another year has flown by – it seems like yesterday that I was attending my 2017 Christmas Party! Whilst it’s gone so quickly, so much has happened in the Salesforce world over the course of 2018. Below, I remember some of the headline news, whilst also discussing key trends I’ve seen this year.

Salesforce Buys MuleSoft.

Salesforce has always been renowned for making some fairly hefty acquisitions (ExactTarget $2.5 billion and DemandWare $2.8 billion to name but a few), however, the acquisition of MuleSoft represented it’s largest deal to date weighing in at $6.5 billion. Through MuleSoft, Salesforce can now access data wherever it lives, which in turn will feed Einstein for artificial intelligence. Salesforce co-CEO – Keith Block – recently announced he was initially unconvinced by the prospect of the acquisition, however, with key customers reporting it aiding strategic decisions and Salesforce shares up by 15% since the purchase, it’s looking a shrewd move…

Certification Shift to Trailhead. 

Following the 2017 announcement that certification maintenance exam costs would be capped at $300, Salesforce revealed at TrailheaDX that maintenance exams would move to Trailhead. Thus meaning, Salesforce professionals would have one central platform to take in new releases, review modules with examples and have a Trailhead quiz to ensure understanding – WIN! I can’t say it’s been easier to verify certifications (how many times do I have to prove I’m not a robot) but i’m sure this will be ironed out in the New Year.

My First Dreamforce.

Whilst a very senior candidate tried to ruin my quest for a first Dreamforce trip by telling my boss ‘it’s just one massive piss up’, I managed to secure sign off! 4 crazy days with thousands of like-minded professionals sharing their insights/challenges on the platform and its related features. Now I’ve been, I’ve definitely got the bug and can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone in the community, whatever your location and skillset. Whilst you can consume all the session content online if you want, you don’t have access to 170,000 professionals eager to talk about their Salesforce experiences. If you missed it, shameless plug to my Dreamforce blog/vlog here!

The Popular Products.

From my side of the fence, the year has been dominated by 4 (more recently 5) key Salesforce products. These are: Marketing Cloud, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Field Service Lightning (FSL), Einstein Analytics (formerly known as Wave) and Commerce Cloud (formerly DemandWare). These products are the ones constantly on the lips of my clients and the most in demand skillsets (particularly the first two). If you’re looking to standout in the job market, as a recruiter, I’d advise you try and get exposure to some of these areas, whether that be through commercial experience, volunteering, Trailhead etc. Doing so will only increase your attractiveness and value to prospective employers.

I’m excited for the year ahead and to see the growth of some of the products mentioned above, as well as Salesforce embracing new products/partnerships. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how the strategic partnership between Apple and Salesforce develops (you can read more here), as well as watching the progress Salesforce makes in certain industry fields (retail for example).

I’d be really interested to hear your highlights for this year, as well as your predictions for 2019. If you’re already overwhelmed by mince pies and mulled wine, have a great Christmas and New Year and catch you on the other side!