Tuesday will be my first day attending talks during UKOUG 18 in Liverpool and I’m looking forward to an interesting spread of topics throughout the day. Below you’ll find my personal picks and observe a few clashes – if any of you are struggling with the same clashes let me know and I’ll be glad for us to go to a talk each and swap notes over a coffee after.

In fact, I have a clash right from the get go with two excellent talks kicking off the day. I’ll be attending Anthony Heljula’s (Peak Indicators) talk ‘Autonomous Machine Learning – Data Science for Everyone’, having enjoyed every one of Anthony’s talks that I’ve been to previously and it will be great to hear his thoughts on this hot topic.

I’m also interested to hear about Kiran Tailor’s (Association of International Certified Professional Accountants) talk ‘Cloud Journey Stories – Unlock the Value from Your SaaS Data Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’ and it would be great to swap notes with anybody who attends.

At 9.55 I’ll definitely attend John Hagerty’s (Oracle) keynote on Analytics and Big Data, before quickly hopping over to Rishabh Miglani’s (Splash Business Intelligence Ltd) talk ‘Your Data Driven Journey’ and from there on to Santosh Bhairi’s (Reliason Solutions) ‘Migrate On-Premise Oracle BI to Oracle Analytics Cloud’ – I’ve chosen the latter two talks to help me better understand the journey so many of my clients (and candidates) are undertaking at the moment – and it would be great to hear the thoughts of attendees who have their own first hand experience to draw on.

I still hear a large amount of skepticism regarding the wider move to cloud (don’t we all?), so will definitely make a beeline for Apps Reporting & BI in the Cloud – Still looking for that Silver Lining?’ by Graham Spicer (Splash BI). For an all-encompassing overview of OAC I’ll then head to ‘Oracle Analytics Cloud – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know’ by Oracle’s very own Mike Durran.

Mid-afternoon I unfortunately face a pair of clashes in back-to-back slots so, for anyone else unable to decide which talks to attend, do let me know and let’s cover one each and swap notes after! At 15.20 I’m torn between Christine Curley’s (Vertice) ‘OBIEE & Essbase Migration to OAC’ and Francesco Tisiot’s (Rittman Mead) ‘Visualizing Streams’. Then at 16.10 I’m struggling to choose between ‘Cloud: Getting it Right!’ by Fiona Martin (KPMG) and ‘PBCS Consolidated Reporting’ by Corey Cain (Frontera Consulting).

At 16.35 I’ll definitely head over to David Kurtz’s (Accenture) presentation ‘How not to Build a Data Warehouse’ and then finish with Change or Be Changed’ by Emma Heywood-Kay (KPMG). 

I'm keeping my diary for Tuesday evening relatively free, so if you’re keen to swap notes on talks or discuss any of the topics of the day please shoot me a message and let’s arrange to meet.