If I had the time, I would attend the majority of Cyber Security conferences held each month, as we really are spoilt for choice, especially in London. With Cloud playing a bigger and bigger part in pretty much everything tech related, Cyber Security is no exception, so, when choosing which event to spend my time, it made total sense to focus on Cloudsec 2018 and see what I could learn from the day. 

Here's my rundown of everything that's happening next week and what I am most looking forward to:

The morning will be kicked off with some opening words from Trend Micro's European Vice President, Frank Schwittay, swiftly followed by TrendMicro's Rik Ferguson & Leah MacMillan, talking to us about AI, Event App overview, which I am really excited about, because from what I can I can see on their agenda, there might be a hologram demonstration on stage... (how cool, is that?)! 

AI in general is a hot topic in many industries, especially recruitment. I was watching the news with my coffee the other morning before work, which covered a short segment on AI. They said 'if your job, or part of your job can can be done on autopilot with minimal attention, in years to come, you could expect this to be automated'. That's food for thought. I know my job couldn't be done by a robot... but it could definitely make my morning coffee!

The next group to take the stage for a panel discussion will be leaders from FBI London, NCSC, Europol & Former head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit, Snr Cyber Crime Advisor PwC, chaired by Rik from Trend Micro, who will give us an insight in to "MIND VERSUS MACHINE; Inside the mind of the cybercriminal". 

For our Cyber Security experts in the UK and across the globe, being able to think like a Cyber Criminal puts them in a very strong strategical position, so it will be really fascinating to hear talks from the people who are helping protect from Cyber threats. I imagine these speakers have spent time with these criminals to understand how they operate and think (this plays to my inner crime fighter, admittedly, I have a bit of an addiction to a series on FBI Profilers). 

The next panel discussion will see Leah from Trend Micro chair "MIND VERSUS MACHINE Inside the mind of the CISO" with IBM's Martin Borrett, Gary Miliefsky, Carmina Lees from Accenture and Jane Frankland, who I have seen talk a few times now and always find very engaging and insightful. Understanding CISOs pressure points and how they compute situations, I believe, really helps when I am working with my clients to identity talent for their teams. 

After this session I'll be grabbing some lunch and meeting up for a coffee with some industry friends. 

There are a few break out sessions in the afternoon to choose from, with so much option, I'll just have to see which works best on the day. 

To end, there will be a mix of panelists from the day hosting an audience Q&A, with Leah & Rik from Trend Micro at the Chair. Apparently the hologram will be involved to... so obviously i'm excited!

However you are spending your day at Cloudsec 2018, there seems to be a lot of topics covered and plenty to choose from. I'm looking forward to taking away some key learns and having my head in the Clouds, (excuse the pun, I couldn't help myself).