Work experience placements are a great opportunity for ambitious, young people to get a flavour for what is just around the corner for them, a full time job (eek)! 

You might remember your first full time employment coming with a mixture of emotions; excitement, nervousness and ultimately, fear of the great unknown. 

What better way to prepare these guys and girls by giving them a chance to work for a week or two in what might be their future career, to see how they like their potential chosen sector.

At Lawrence Harvey we are partners in a charity organisation called Opera. Opera created the #THRIVE In Work fund of which we have been supporting for over 2 years. Last year, we welcomed a young man into the LH Group Ltd head office , Reece, who was taught by various members of the staff, what it's like to work in a busy office environment. The experience gave him really valuable experience and helped confirm in his mind what he wanted to focus on in his future career (music - not recruitment!) 

Earlier this year I attended a book tour hosted by Jane Frankland, to promote her book, Women in Security. Whilst Jane was writing her book, some of the research she did was really interesting to me. Jane discussed how job descriptions are written for graduate and entry level roles, and how a large majority of these unintentionally lean themselves towards males rather than females, with the pictures, terminology and phrases used.  

As a recruitment specialist, I often find myself advising my clients on advertising for their roles. Advertising to reach a diverse audience is definitely an area of development for companies and I would advise any business to look at how this could be tweaked and changed to avoid singling out and alienating potential applicants in the future. 

Whilst there may be a shortage of skilled IT, and specifically Cyber Security, professionals out there, it’s great to see company’s pushing graduate recruitment drives to bring through home grown talent. With high volumes of graduates looking for work, I find this isn't an area I generally need to support my clients with.   

Our clients can be found exhibiting at University careers fairs and running successful online social media campaigns, which can be a great way to attract potential graduate talent. 

Graduate campaigns are something our own talented internal recruitment team push across all of our brands and geographies, (UK, USA & EU), and they have been incredibly fruitful. We have seen graduates join as consultants, who have then been promoted to managers, and go on to set up overseas offices. We've recently seen someone who came in as a graduate 8 years ago, promoted to Director.

So, its great to read this article and see NCC running their own ‘NINJA Programme' offering  people placements in any one of their UK offices, with 2 intakes each year, one in March and one in September. They give people the chance to work in their offices and see that office jobs are not just ‘clicking buttons’ all day until its time to leave (which Katy thought might be the case), will hopefully give young people the change to get the taste for an industry they might not have necessarily considered. 

With grads across the country looking for their first full time job fresh from Uni, are you making the most of attracting these people to your business? 

After all, it's this home grown talent that could be your future business leaders...