Last week, a plethora of Awesome Admins braved the stifling heat to attend July's meetup, where we were generously hosted by Funding Circle covering topics on testing, equality and project management. 

For those of you who weren't able to attend, hopefully the below gives you an insight in to what was covered! 

Firstly, we were educated on Automated Testing for Admins by Salesforce veteran Richard Clark - now of Provar. Richard stated the common pain points around testing with Salesforce, revolving around reliability (time consuming), complex-ability (hard to test advanced features) and re-usability (recreating tests for Lightning UI).

Provar is an automated testing tool, specifically aligned to Salesforce, that allows for more efficient and scalable testing that is key to Salesforce delivery. Key features include: 

Leverages metadata to build intelligent and robust tests. 

Located internally rather than in the cloud to enable end to end testing and more secure data.

Multi-browser testing. 

More details on Provar and a number of live demos can be found here.

Next up, Amanda Beard Neilson discussed Inclusive Leadership Practices. After sharing some fairly horrifying anecdotes of inequality from earlier in her career (which I hope are far less prevalent today), Amanda spoke about our responsibility as leaders to create an inclusive culture - which as shown by the likes of Mckinsey, positively impacts upon profitability and productivity. Her advice included:

1. Have equality as a team goal/value - Practice inclusive hiring and broaden your teams strengths with a diverse workforce, encourage active leadership and support flexibility.

2. Create a culture of transparency - Have brave and authentic conversations with your team, show empathy and don't be afraid to show vulnerability and share your stories.

3. Have inclusive meetings - "Ask, listen, show up, speak up".

4. Be fair with assignments and promotions - make sure the whole team is included and not just project focused individuals.

5. Celebrate and bond - Think about activities that will appeal to the masses and are easily attend-able for all.

Lastly, Chris Emmett talked to us about 'Measure Twice, Build Once'. He outlined the importance of understanding these five keys questions before tackling projects:

1. What is being delivered?

2. Why is it being delivered?

3. How is it being delivered?

4. When is it being delivered?

5. Who's delivering it?

He gave an example of two projects where one adopted the above approach and another neglected some of the key questions. No surprises for guessing which project was delivered in half the time with additional features beyond the minimum viable product... 

Key learns were; respect the project, understand your approach, understand your requirements, understand your delivery and answer the questions!

For more community led Salesforce events, don't miss Inspire East and French Touch Dreamin.

Inspire East, hosted in Cambridge, is suitable for individuals at any stage of their Salesforce journey. It features 30+ sessions from industry leading Salesforce professionals and some awesome customer success stories. You can learn more here.

Celebrating a third year is French Touch Dreamin, a similar event for the European Salesforce community. Who wouldn't want to spend a day in Paris learning more about Salesforce and meeting and networking with influential people in the Salesforce community?! You can find out more here.

I hope to see you at August's LAUG, hosted by Lawrence Harvey - if you'd like to discuss more what was covered during this month's Meetup, don't hesitate to get in touch!