On the back-end of Salesforce's announcement this past February of their $2 billion commitment towards further expansion north of the border, the first chapter is finally upon us. Earlier this month, the Silicon Valley tech giants gave us a taste of what is to come sharing that Salesforce Ventures, the company's strategic funding arm supporting start-ups, will be committing $100 million to start-ups out of Canada focused on enterprise cloud computing.

As a Salesforce head-hunter based in Santa Monica, CA, servicing markets in the US and Canada, this first wave of funding marks not only a major sign of progression for Canada's growing tech hubs, but highlights a growing trend of those in America turning their eyes North in anticipation of what is to come. 

Whether this stems from current political, visa and privacy differences between the two governments, the ever-growing quality of skilled workers in Canada, or a combination of the two, the big boys of Silicon have taken note. Amazon announced recently their plan of expanding their tech campus in Vancouver, creating another 3,000 jobs for locals while Sidewalk Labs (the urban innovation unit of Alphabet) is seeking to create a tech-infused mini city in Toronto, while further pushing their array of Google products. 

What does this mean for my neighbors up North? 

Advancement, development, jobs, and a lot of electrifying change. While many people rightly fear the potential of income inequality and an increase in costs, there is hope in believing that those leading this wave of innovation have taken some notes from current pain points south of the border.