In four weeks I’ll be heading to Sandown Park for the UKOUG EPM & Hyperion 2018 event and I’ve been pouring over the agenda deciding which sessions will best improve my understanding. Struggling to pick between so many talks is, naturally, a splendid problem to have, but it is also a real shame to miss great talks if they conflict with one another. I think I’ve now settled on a personal timetable and thought I'd share it and give some insight in to what's being offered on the day so that you can do the same.

I think I’ll start with Francisco Amores Torres’ (Inlumi) session Building a Cloud Adapter in FDMEE & Cloud Data ManagementI haven’t had as many opportunities to zero-in on FDMEE at previous events and I’ve heard excellent things about Inlumi’s work in this area. Alas, whilst the hands-on Keyteach session FCCS: Exploring Consolidation in the Cloud sounds extremely beneficial, I must confess I fear it would be too technical for someone with only ‘Conversational Hyperion’. Axel Monteiro’s (RBS) talk on PCMCS is also sure to offer a great insight into the use of this tool in a Blue Chip environment, and I shall be sad to miss Arun Sunkara’s (Evosys) Ireland: Leading the Way to a Cost-effective Financial Close.

In addition to Qubix’s Sponsor slot, at 12:10pm Anil Kandi (Barclays Bank) will be speaking on Oracle Essbase Customer Journey (Barclaycard Finance) which sounds like an excellent case-study insight to a cornerstone product in a major financial firm. If you attend this please find me afterwards to swap notes, and I can bring you up to speed on Milda Smith’s (William Grant & Sons) and Simon Jones’ (Accenture) The Evolution of Hyperion & EPM Cloud Support – a vital consideration in the current changing technological landscape.

I greatly appreciated John Brooks’ (Hubble) talk at the Hyperion SIG earlier this year, and would recommend to all attending See Real-Time EPM in Action. I personally was torn between attending Using FCCS Close Management &EPRCS to Drive More Value From Your HFM Deployment by Alison Morgans (The Hackett Group) and Edrington-Suntory UK Distribution Ltd Takes Business Forecasting Beyond Finance with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) by Lydia Maksoud (Brovanture) and Morla Jacques (Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Distribution) but am opting for the latter not just to continue the whisky theme(!) but because of the continued demand for (and shortage of) PBCS skills amongst my clients at the moment. For Technical consultants attending, I am sure Keyteach’s second session EPM Automate – Automation in the Cloud will be a must, too.

At 14:35pm, I’ll be attending Graeme Wilson’s (RBS) OACS RBS as I am keen to expand my knowledge of OACS. I’ll be interested to hear the thoughts of those who attend The Hackett Group’s sponsor slot and Michel Schoolanaar’s (Oracle) Country by Country Reporting, so do let me know your comments if you attend these sessions.

Mark Davis’ (The Hackett Group) Investec Uses the Cloud to Speed up the Close will be my talk of choice at 15:40pm but it will be great to swap notes with anyone who attends Oracle EPM Cloud for Narrative Reporting (TBC, Oracle) or Jiten Majithia’s (Inlumi UK) Rehosting Your Oracle Hyperion Solution to AWS: The Elsevier Story, before rounding out the day with Daniel Knipscher’s (Hypercube Strategies) Millions of Allocations in a Single Rule! Explore the Power of PCMCS to Allocate HFM & Planning Data. 

If you attend Paul Johnston’s (Qubix International) How Cloud is Acceleratin Financial Transformation at the NHS, Matt Chudleigh’s (Altius) Replacing Oracle PBCS Webforms With Excel & Smart View. A Case for Using Excel Templates With Smart View Excel VBA Scripting or Dip Your Toe or Jump in the Pond – Moving to the Cloud for Financial Close (TBC, Oracle) then I’ll be keen to meet up with you afterwards to hear your thoughts – this last clash of the day being the one I am most ruing!

If you’re attending the event do let me know as it would be great to meet during the networking slots (you’ll always find me where there’s coffee) and, naturally, I’ll have my write-up of the event up after.