What are the top tips from cyber security experts on how to prevent mass data breaches? This article, taken from an interview with John Loveland, the Global Head of Cyber Security for Verizon, gives us John's top 3 Cyber Security tips:

  • Understand the risks you face as a company.
  • Recognise the people aspect to security.

I agree with John on all of these, it would be interesting to hear who doesn't! Here's my summary on the 3 tip top top tips...

Understanding Risk

You need to work WITH data to help understand the risks you face as a company. How do you know how to prevent and defend, if you don’t know what you’re doing it against?!


“Most of the malware attacks start from a person clicking on an email”. You need to instil a security aware culture within your organisation and focus on training the boots you have on the ground. For a hacker, I would imagine they would find it easier to ‘trick’ (for want of a much better word) a human brain than a machine.


Most people are aware that one of the failures, or as I would prefer to say ‘key learns’ from the Equifax breach last year was their inability to keep up to date with the latest patches to their software.

This article is a great bite size piece, granted the interview only lasts 4 minutes (30 seconds of which was taken up by a fox news reporter laughing and talking about how the word patching is so cool). I would love to see a much longer piece where more tips can be discussed, and in greater detail.

I would also love to hear what other tips and advice people have?