As someone who speaks with hundreds of SAP professionals on a weekly basis, it is hard to have a conversation without speaking about SAP HANA. Even with my fellow colleagues, HANA is the buzzword everyone wants to talk about and why wouldn't they? HANA is fantastic!

A question which I am regularly faced with 'Do many companies have HANA?'

It's hard to answer this question, because I don't get the pleasure to work with every SAP company in the world... as much as I would like too. 

Also, what would be defined as many? Greater than the companies which don't use HANA or more upgrades than last year? When talking about new technology/recent releases you have to remember context! Not everyone upgrades straight away for various reasons. 

Therefore, it is hard to answer that question correctly without discovering a deeper meaning of 'many' which would be a fun debate, perhaps the question could be answered differently by looking at SAP's financial results displayed in Simon's article below. 

Main points; 

1. SAP Cloud Subscriptions rose by 38%. 

2. Cloud and Software licences sales increased by 17%  

3. 46% Growth in customer base for S/4 HANA.

Another point to note would be OpalWave's own growth within Cloud systems as they became the world's first organisation to launch a cloud based version of SAP BPC system. 

Simon mentions how OpalWave expects Cloud to be a prime focus for them in the coming year and SAP expects the same. 

The question cannot be answered, but what can be undoubtedly concluded is HANA is growing and with more companies making the change, it seems to be the technology for now and in the future.

I'm interested in hearing from those of you who haven't upgraded. What's stopping you?