I'm a fan of tech predictions, the 'Mystic Megs' of the tech world giving their insight into what the next 12 months might hold for new and emerging technologies and trends. 

As Cloud continues to take over the Cyber Security World, we are constantly asking ourselves; What's blowing up, and yet to blow up in the cloud space this year?

As John Easton mentions in his article, Containers are looking to hit the big time, with Kubernetes leading the charge. Watch this space... 

It's no secret either that Cloud based skills are in demand, I see this on a daily basis when recruiting for our clients and hear this when speaking to new clients, that some businesses find it challenging to retain their most valued employees, especially the guys and gals with a breadth of Cloud experience. 

Here are 3 further trends which are frequently brought up in conversation:

  • Hybrid Clouds becoming 'a thing'.
  • Serverless computing.
  • Machine learning.

What are your thoughts on Cloud predictions for 2018?