I manage a team of Millennials (Heck, i am almost a millennial myself), and it is challenging to say the least! I have always thought that the key to getting a good performance out of a new Consultant was through hard work, determination, resilience and market knowledge. I think I was wrong.

Millennials are not driven by pure success and money. They need to have feel a sense of being, a sense of purpose, a sense of responsibility. They need to have a togetherness with those around them!

I spent a couple of days in New York recently with the LHi leadership team and one of the subjects we discussed was how to get the best out of your teams. It turns out that empowerment is powerful! I always thought that if Consultants have success you can then give them more responsibility because they have proved themselves. 

Apparently the complete opposite is true; give them more responsibility and they will have more success... so simple.