The opening sentence of David Webb's post instantly resonated with me, 'It goes without saying that the key to a successful business lies in its team and talent'. 

I am a firm believer the blood line of a successful or non-successful lies in the hands of the talent it is able to not only identify, but also attract and retain, which is a challenge our customers (and us) face pretty often. 

I feel David hits some really great points in his post talking about attracting talent, which, in theory, should be a pretty simple job. Right?! Our business is unique, we have a great culture & brand, we have some cool incentives, our employees are all passionate about what we do and the service we offer to customers etc etc.. 

These points are all well and good, but in a highly competitive market, standing out from the crowd and attracting the most suitable people in the industry for your company can play a big part in your business hitting their targets; whether this is business growth, attracting more junior or senior hires to even the balance, or even to hire more females or males to keep an equal and diverse team. 

Whatever your targets are, a big question is, how will you not only attract your future business leaders, but also retain them?

A few points which crop up time and time again from candidates I speak with are:

  • Do I have a clear and defined career path in this business? 
  • Is my role autonomous?
  • Is the work I am doing interesting and am I learning each day?
  • Do I believe in my business and their values? 
  • Am I valued in the business, both financially and personally?

I believe these points (and I am sure a few more), are reasons why people love the company they work for and have no intention of leaving... but they are also reasons a person might be open to hearing about other roles that are out there for them.  

Ask yourself; How would your people answer this question?