It’s common knowledge Cyber Security Criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the way which they attack business, trying to get their hands on sensitive details to either sell on the dark web, or to use as ransom. There have been some really disruptive breaches this decade, think back to when Yahoo got hacked in 2013; 3 Billion users were affected, with a large amount of passwords involved which had been hashed using the robust bcrypt algorithm; this was the biggest data breach we’ve seen (let’s hope it stays that way).  

This saw a rise in companies using managed security service providers to prevent a breach of Yahoo’s magnitude (or smaller) from happening. Some of the leading managed security service providers will not only manage potential attacks from happening, but take a proactive approach and seek out breaches before they happen, trying to stay one step ahead of Cyber Criminals.

So what is keeping CISOs & Senior Level Security Leaders up at night?…

According to the 1,691 US and UK CISOs surveyed for the report, the top threats keeping CISOs up at night are as follows:

1. Phishing and malware attacks on employees and customers

2. Brand impersonation, abuse, and reputational damage

3. Information breaches

Conversations about current and future challenges in Security crop up all of the time, and these challenges are ever evolving:

  • Lack of resources in Security teams; resulting in extended hours in the office and online
  • A shortage of Cyber Security skills to keep up with the threats businesses face
  • The Cyber Security market being very buoyant at present; meaning candidates are in demand and moving roles for a higher salary and faster career progression

These are just some of the scenarios I see happening in the market.

With Cyber Security news hitting the tabloids more and more often, disrupting Government, the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, banks and online retailers, the threat security breaches bring is firmly on the radar of businesses, which in my opinion is good thing. It means companies are compliant with new regulations, their information is as secure as possible and hackers chances of breaching your business are at a minimum. 

So, hopfully you can get a good night’s sleep, and not worry (too much) about what tomorrow may bring.