May 25th 2018, the dreaded GDPR deadline, is fast approaching and whilst we're all a bit sick of talking about it, the question still stands; is GDPR really that dreadful or could it be a blessing in disguise? 

For businesses, the stakes are high for not complying with GDPR, and rightly so as, as a customer,  when you share sensitive information with a business, you expect them to treat your information with respect. 

I agree with Elliot Rose that GDPR can be used as an opportunity to build trust with your business partners, to show you have an invested interested in their privacy. 

Since GDPR was just a whisper in the air, we have been working with our candidates and clients to make sure their details are used in compliance with the new legislation and have also worked with our clients to help them hire GDPR IT Professionals to work on projects as May 25th creeps up on us all.

From our experience, and that of the clients I have worked with so far, GDPR has been a surprisingly welcome change in process and procedures. It's been a chance to clean up databases, to be more diligent and to put employees, partners, suppliers and customers privacy and security back on top of the priority list.

GDPR is not just a flash in the pan; whether you are up to speed yet or not, the questions is, are you dreading it or embracing it as an advantage to improve your business?