If you, like almost every client I speak to, are uncertain about making the move from ECC to S/4 HANA then fear not! 50% of current customers will be fully in-cloud by 2020.

The bullish forecast by Members of the Executive Board and SAP heavyweights Luka Mucic and Berd Leukert praised the growing conversion rate of SAP customers from ECC to the new S/4 suite.

Many organisations are traditionally apprehensive about taking the leap simply because of the inherent uncertainty involved. Security is one major concern, cost is the other. My colleague Rich Williamson shares his insight on the former - it will be interesting to see what approach clients take on the latter.

While some early adopters did have their fingers burned, thankfully, there is now an ever-growing pool of knowledge, talent and support at hand to ensure things go smoothly. Larger organisations and multinationals will have the benefit of leveraging SI's for any such change however for most users it will be local talent that ensures success - Identifying and developing that talent will be their win and a competitors loss.