For almost a year now, I have been networking with key leaders within SAP BPC on a day to day basis. One thing which stood out was a consistent divide of opinion on the direction of SAP BPC and whether Embedded is really worth all the hype.

From the leaders I have spoken with, there has been a bias towards Standard BPC rather than moving towards Embedded BPC. I was struggling to understand the full advantages of Embedded and why companies should implement it over Standard BPC until Sue Kirby of Bluefin Solutions posted an article (link below), outlining the situation which Embedded is suited to and the advantages of using it. 

The article particularly resonated with me, because Sue doesn't promote Embedded to everyone. Instead, Sue offers an articulate insight into what parameters a company needs for Embedded to be a effective solution. 

According to Sue, the main reason why companies would choose Embedded is determined by whether they are willing to invest in BW landscape.  If they are, then Sue recommends Embedded and states seven reasons why. (I picked my top 3)

In return for the extra upfront cost, Embedded BPC provides you with;

  • A more efficient Project timeline.
  • An S/4 HANA Ready Platform
  • The best Visualisation tools SAP has to offer.

Clear advantages, cannot be ignored. 

Which leaves me with the underlying question; is there a future for Standard BPC and what does it look like? 

Read the full article here