As a young kid I liked nothing better than my Dad taking my brother and I to the local ToysRus store to find the latest and greatest toys. We would always go on a Saturday morning and my dad would let us loose at the entrance and shout to us as we ran away "Just one toy each"!!

So, it is with great sadness that I hear about the fall of ToysRus; especially as I believe that it could have been easily avoided with some forward thinking and some insights in to the technology of today.

Like this article states, "To avoid troubles, businesses must urgently start their digital transformation", adopting a Devops strategy and turning ToysRUs into a digital powerhouse could have prevented their bankruptcy and enabled them to compete with digital giants like Amazon and Walmart! A bold statement but probably true.

I'm left nostalgic, a bit sad and simply wondering... what's going to happen to all those "millions of Geoffreys all under one roof"?!?  Maybe Amazon has a plan...