Salesforce are well known for being a tad optimistic or overly positive but this is quite something. Contrary to the continuously bleak picture that has been painted about AI and how it will make all of us jobless and obsolete, this new IDC study of more than 1,000 organisations shows that AI will in fact have a much more positive effect.

Apparently, this is centered around the following:

"The spending on IT software, services, and hardware itself is often small compared with spending on staff (IT and operational), operations, non-IT capital goods, and more. In fact, spending on external IT -- which now permeates most enterprises in the world -- represents less than 1 percent of the world's business revenue and generally less than 5 percent in even the most IT-rich enterpries," the IDC-Salesforce report states. 

It also estimates that Salesforce customers will account for $293 billion or 26% of this revenue boost and 155,000 of the net new jobs.Impressive. Deal me in!