As someone who works in the Open Source Software Development market I have seen first hand how popular it is becoming for both clients and candidates. This article just proved that further.

The number of companies who are using Open Source technologies has doubled since 2010 and I believe that this is partly due to the inclusive nature of the community.

It is possible for companies to have free access to Open Source code and use this to improve both their business and the services they provide. This makes sense from both a cost and quality point of view.

It has come to a point now where businesses of all sizes have made a conscious decision to move away from legacy languages such as C++ and have decided to move in to the more cutting edge Open Source languages such as Python.

For example, I am currently in contact with large investment banks who are in the process of migrating from C++ to Python due to the added benefits Open Source technologies offer. Smaller companies and start-ups are also making the same decision.

It seems that the number of organisations who are following this trend will only increase in the future. What are your thoughts on Open Source? Is it the way forward for Software Development?