2015 was the year that Salesforce made a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its global footprint by 2050. Last week, right before Earth Day this Saturday, Salesforce announced they have hit that target... 33 years early! 

They have achieved this by investing into wind power to provide energy efficient data centers and buildings and though the purchase of credits from clean energy projects.

This means Salesforce can boast that they are the only 'carbon neutral cloud'. 

The other big players such as AWS and Google have their own strategies to cut emissions. Microsoft has a deal with a wind farm in Illinois in 2014 but none of the above are anywhere near achieving it.

It will be interesting to see how the users of Salesforce take to the news and who shouts about it the most... Could the oil and gas industry look to offload bad press by implementing a zero-carbon CRM tool. 

What do you think? Personally, when it comes to wind energy... i'm a big fan.