Yesterday, Salesforce released an update which will drastically change the way job seekers, in particular, Developers, can benefit from using the Trailhead online learning platform.

Traditionally the Trailhead badges could be shown on your LinkedIn profile, however, there was no way of you showcasing your badges or certifications through a digital platform per say.

The good news is Salesforce has updated this and there is now a way of you to create a "digital resume" that can showcase all of your Trailhead successes and gives potential employers a much clearer picture of your experience. In a way, this is almost like having an online portfolio on Git or many of the other available platforms.

I am sure everyone would agree with me when I say this is a massive release and will continue to combat the shortage of Salesforce specialists in the market. The whole point in Trailhead was to introduce, skilled IT staff and totally new job seekers, to the Salesforce platform in a few simple clicks. The update has created a way for us to gamify what we have learned, making it more visible to professional employers!

They have then taken things one thing further by adding a new login functionality for LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook users. You can now log into Trailhead using your existing accounts making it so much easier for new users and to keep everything linked across social media platforms.

However, I do see a problem still.

As I am sure we are all aware, Salesforce is constantly growing, there are more and more partners and customers popping up every day and that means the shortage/gap of skilled professionals is getting bigger. 

Although this combats the immediate issue, does it account for the constant fast growth of the technology and area? Either way, everyone be ready to check this out, I know I am excited!