This article particularly resonated with me as I am a relatively well inked man and it is something I am proud of!

My tattoos are symbolic of my personality and they show the journey of my life to date. I know it sounds a bit silly but I love having reminders of the important things to me; paintings by my Grandfather, favourite song lyrics and my guitars. I also make a concerted effort in my day job (recruitment) that I DO NOT cover them up. In an industry that is overpopulated with agents all over the country, I pride myself on working smarter and being 'different'. Will a potential new client remember the guy with a suit who was like everyone else or the guy in a short sleeved shirt with tattoos! Whether it is positive or negative I prefer my industry to remember me!

As Bob Dylan said 'The times they are a-changing' and as this article discovers tattoos are becoming more and more popular and so should, and so will, perceptions.

(Potential overshare) I would love to have my hands tattooed.  I have asked my CEO if he would mind and he said it was OK. However, I would be lying if it didn't worry me about my employ-ability if I ever left Lawrence Harvey to move to another recruitment business (unlikely) or completely out of the industry (please don't tell my Director Jim this). 

I am particularly lucky I must admit, I recruit into a very 'digital' eco-system CRM tool called Salesforce. Salesforce professionals are chino and shirt kind of guys (and gals) which means wearing a suit isn't necessary. If I was successful in banking would my thoughts differ? Probably. But, I set a team up last year in the Salesforce world where I was given the autonomy and opportunity to run the team like my own business. Which, if you ask anyone at LH, I do - within reason of course.

I expect the Directors above me saw that,  tattoos or not, I conduct my work with pride and professionalism. I am the right man for the job which means my tattoos mean nothing to them. The article below is littered with contradictions but, fundamentally, tattoos shouldn't matter, not if the person is right for the job in hand! 

What do you think about ink?