Like everyone, I have really been fixated on the Olympics this year and I actually feel that we have been doing rather well so far (controversial I know)! 

Whilst on my lunch today, looking over the recent articles on England's gold medal last night, I had a thought. What takes someone from a bronze or silver medal to becoming a winner and achieving gold?

I noticed that these athletes only really win by a fraction of a second. How do they make the difference from becoming a silver medal holder to a gold? Is it luck? What it came down to for me is how they analysed their previous performances and evaluated what minuscule changes they could make to take them from their previous best to smashing it and winning a third gold!

What I realised is that this approach isn't much different from business and how we all try to improve our performance day to day and month to month. If we cut everything we do down to the tiny details which gold medallists do what we actually find is that there is always area for improvement. The struggle is pin pointing it and monitoring it so that you can improve.

Many businesses just don't have the capability in their systems to look into this much detail and take themselves from losing that project to winning it. Using analytical tools, like Salesforce, to look a little deeper and find areas to improve will take your business from a silver medal to a GOLD.

I think business can learn a lot from Olympians. Are you as immersed into the Olympics as me?