A question I am often asked by candidates I engage with is, why should I work for X over Y? Where is the differentiation? They do very similar things and the specifics of the position are a close match, how can I make a call that is best for me?

Often, it comes down to the little things and, I believe, emphasis on wellness and health benefits can play a strong factor as the below research indicates. I see this being for two reasons; firstly the obvious benefits in themselves. It's great to have perks that improve our daily lives, whatever form they come in. Secondly, it's an indicator that the company really does care about you, the employee. It may be the case you don't use the full suite of benefits available, whether that's wearing a FitBit to track activity, joining the company running club or visiting the 'Wellness center' for a massage. The fact the option is available full stop is a positive message to the workforce that your company takes into consideration your happiness.

If we push this point further and relate back to the original question, why should I work for X over Y? If X is emphasising the healthcare and wellness of employees, I'll put my money on the fact they have a strong internal culture that reflects this mind-set across the wider business. 

I hope employers reading this will understand that this can be a key differentiator in attracting top talent to your business, as well as increasing retention rate and, as the below article shows, reducing absence. Surely this is worth the investment for any business looking to grow?