Whether I am recruiting for my team or I am helping a client recruit for a Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist, this speech from Brian Little got me thinking on a few points that often occur when searching and recruiting for top talent. 

The best candidate does not always get the job

Interviewing is a skill in it's self, sometimes difficult for introverts. Working in the IT freelance space I have seen time and time again the candidate with the best sales patter will land the job. Also, typically in the recruitment industry, hiring managers will only look for extrovert traits during interviews. Are we only looking for introverts in IT and recruitment? Obviously not, so does your interview technique give every personality the best environment to perform?

Bring out the extrovert in an introvert

When discussing this video with an "obvious" extrovert today she explained to me how different she is when socialising with her friends, becoming more introvert. Too meet her you would find this extremely difficult to believe! 

Brian speaks of how he is an extreme introvert and how he enacts free traits to deliver in his core projects becoming more extrovert. Check out what he has to say and ask yourself if you are using free traits in your core projects?