Always a hot topic and one that shouldn't be over looked. I work closely with a number of clients that have highlighted to me the importance of diversity in their workforce and have encouraged me to help them build their leadership teams with experienced women. 

It is without doubt that SAP also take diversity seriously and this is in turn has passed on to their clients! There are many learning and networking programs that empower women to grow their careers within organizations and there are many incredible female employees whose skills contribute to the success of clients every day.

At Lawrence Harvey, we also value the importance of gender diversity and have recently launched our 'WIN' initiative (women's inclusive network) which was set up to ensure that women from the ground upwards have the opportunity to develop their careers with LH and follow their careers into leadership positions. Something our CEO and leadership team are keen to encourage! 

Personally, I see gender diversity being one of the most important topics and one that I often talk about openly with my clients and colleague a-like. 

Have a look at one of SAP's key leaders and hear a bit about her story...