Any Economist, Business-Person or 'Market Expert' worth their salt should tell you that you can't buck the laws of Supply and Demand. Indeed, I always make a concentrated effort to return to these 'First Principles' when critiquing my market, advising my clients on where top talent is going, and advising said top talent on where the best opportunities will arise.

I wrote recently about 'Economies of Scale in the post-on-premise era' and the need to apply these core economic lessons to analysing the Oracle and IT recruitment spheres in the short, medium, and long-terms. 

... Which brings me neatly to The Hackett Group announcing in late June their plans to extend their intellectual property and best practice implementation model to the Oracle ERP Cloud Services platform. This is a fantastic move, as I see it, as it is a strategy that both responds to existing market signals whilst simultaneously foreshadowing future market developments. 

This position maximises the value of existing technological capabilities and wisely lays strong foundations for developments within EPM, all orchestrated by a proven market leader. 

I recommend reading the short article below to all my network and it would be great to engage and exchange views on the likely future direction of Oracle's EPM offering owing to Cloud developments.