I've joked for a while now that if I had a pound for every time I heard the words 'Cloud' or 'Brexit' in business hours I'd probably have retired some time ago. 

But all humour aside, this great article from The Register has made me consider the wider economies of scale in the 'post-on-premise' era. Indeed, it's been my view for the some time that cloud technology is taking the business world into unknown territory with an industry that is fiercely competitive for new business but in my view highly uncompetitive once firms have arranged cloud solutions owing to the high cost of switching suppliers. 

As I've termed it, 'This is a world first; a hyper-competitive market-place in which every firm has a monopoly'. 

It would be great to hear my network's thoughts on how Oracle is going to perform relative to competitor solutions such as Salesforce, AWS, Azure, and others both in 2016 and in the future. 

I'd also recommend everybody reads the article below as it could pay dividends - and not just because of the title.