I have been asked by friends, colleagues, clients and candidates alike what I think the impact of a potential Brexit may mean to the job market in the UK and across mainland Europe. 

Most of these conversations all end in the same fashion..."well let’s be honest Jim no one can really give a straight answer as to what it all means... what will really be the difference if we vote to exit or remain?"

I've asked myself the same questions. 

What will it mean to the free labour market across Europe if we exit? 

Will all the skilled European labour that works in the UK vote with their feet… will some be forced to? Will we lurch towards another depression in the markets if we leave?

This sentiment of confusion is, I believe, shared across a lot of the younger generation who perhaps zone out when listening to politicians and the like attempting to get their point across, whilst not really answering the question posed to them!

As a result there has been an influx of other mediums used to try and educate the populous as we move towards polling day. Take Rob for instance, a friend of mine who has recently tried a very different, but in my eyes, a fantastic approach to get his point and thoughts across in what is such an important moment in our political and economic future. 

I for one applaud those who make use of technology and social media to make the world a much smaller place and ensure their voice is heard. Imagine trying to vote without the world-wide web providing an endless source of information in multiple mediums... now, that's a scary thought.