Another great article from Ian Cox on the ever changing demands on CIO’s and the emergence of the CDO in this digital age. As a recruitment leader sat in the middle of candidates and clients I wonder if this is filtering down to the majority of IT professionals who still trade largely on their technical skills and hiring managers looking to assess talent in their own image. Business acumen and industry knowledge are key and more prevalent in emerging markets such as CRM, Data & Analytics where we as an agency are building candidate communities of industry experts not necessarily IT experts. Look at the Life Sciences industry, a recent post by Craig Morgan highlighted the importance of Big data on initiating clinical trials enabling CRO’s to work more collaboratively: ‘Close collaboration with CROs and taking a risk-based approach, which relies on Big Data analytics, is key to enabling rapid study startup in an increasingly complex clinical development environment.’ Businesses need to move quicker, remove bottlenecks, gain insight into their customer and open new revenue streams…. Are these the tangible results you are working towards as an IT professional, if not it may be time for a new approach, the three tips in Ian’s article would be a good place to start?