"Steelie" Neelie Kroes is joining Salesforce.

In the wake of spending $3,000,000 on Equal Pay and with Benioff being a poster boy against the 'Religious Liberty' bill, is this another master-stroke?

Here in the UK we have seen A LOT of fallout with the likes of Amazon and Starbucks using the UK as a tax haven! Is this a move to show how 'responsible' Salesforce are? Especially taking into consideration that Kroes is most famous for bringing antitrust investigations involving the likes of Google and Microsoft. Then, in 2009, she was also responsible for ordering RBS and Lloyds to sell off assets in the wake of the financial crisis when they were bailed out by the government.

It seems as though Steelie will be a huge asset to open doors and keep the business in check as it continues to grow.